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Lill Bente Dahl-Pedersen, educated graphic designer and goldsmith is the creator of Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery, a concept with handmade design jewellery crafted in a workshop in Lørenskog, Norway.

The jewellery is only sold at www.dahlpedersenjewellery.no and directly from me. 

I can also offer tailored remakes, repairs and refresh your jewellery. 


Lill Bente Dahl-Pedersen, utdannet grafisk designer og gullsmed står bak Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery, designer og produserer håndlagede smykker fra eget verksted på Lørenskog, Norge.

Smykkene selges kun på www.dahlpedersenjewellery.no og direkte av meg.

Jeg tar også i mot dine smykker til oppussing, reparasjon og omarbeidelse.

Har du gullsmykker liggende som du ikke bruker, kan jeg lage noe nytt og fint av de!

Du er hjertelig velkommen til å se smykkene her hos meg, etter avtale!


From Scan Magazine, December 2016 issue;

"Bored with all the mass-produces jewellery flooding the market? Chech out Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery`s handmade assortment, and you will quickly be exited about accessories again. The Norwegian jeweller`s unique designs are skilfully crafted to outlive trends and give your minimal style that sparkling last touch both at work and at parties. 

Just like a dazzling necklace can lift an outfit, a single decision can make all the difference in a person`s life. Norwegian jeweller Lill Bente Dahl-Pedersen is a living example of just that. After working for several large companies as a stretegic buyer for more than a decade, she grew tired of staring at excel-sheets and decided to embrace her true trade and passion - making jewellery the old fashioned way."


Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery

Lill Bente Dahl-Pedersen

Østlifaret 55

N-1476 Rasta


email; Ldp@vikenfiber.no

Org.nr. 982 170 141

Instagram: @dahlpedersenjewellery 

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